Good Mood Soon

Good mood experience

A new lease on life

Embrace HARA Life: whether for a short vacation or a long stay and life experience; whether for sports, drinking good wine, sharing spaces in complete safety, reading a book, exploring a new culture or enjoying the wonderful natural landscapes… It puts you in a good mood right away!

Just thinking about the immersive HARA Life experience “immediately puts you in a good mood.”


Well-being can be considered the evolution of the traditional SPA-Wellness model. The innovative approach is based on the Heart Rate Variability metric, an indicator that measures the health and endurance of the body.

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The wellness programs that you can try here offer three macro-approaches: Relax, Wellness and Form according to your needs and goals, always starting from a preventive assessment of the state of health with the non-invasive screening of ANS Analysis.

Each guest can choose which level of wellness experience to experience. The simple walk in the woods enjoying the hormetic stimuli of nature such as light, scents and colors or getting directions to follow a balanced sleep / wake rhythm, suggestions for a diet suited to your metabolism and real needs.

Monitoring and rebalancing with wearable technology

The person system (body and mind) has enormous capacity in dealing with stressful situations and heavy workloads, but to remain healthy and performing it requires some specific methods and times for recovery, reconstitution and rest.

Thanks to the use of non-invasive wearable high technology, such as the OURA ring, and consolidated scientific knowledge, you can be guided on a path of rebalancing and helped to better understand how your personal system works.

Yoga, anechoic chamber, cryotherapy, augmented reality

To optimize the body’s capacity, it is possible to practice Yoga (both alone and guided), experience sensory deprivation in the anacoic chamber, enjoy the benefits of cryotherapy, try the stimuli offered by augmented reality and much more.

All well-being paths are designed to optimize the capabilities inherent in the body and mind of the healthy person, not affected by pathologies, who has started to experience a decline in physical and mental performance, a decrease in vitality, a lack of balance and a generalized sense of dissatisfaction that undermines personal, work, family and social well-being.



The best wines produced in the entire province of Trento are classified under the name Casteller Doc.

They are the result of the processing of vines such as: Schiava grossa, Schiava gentile, Merlot, and Lambrusco with serrated leaves.

They are particular wines of a ruby ​​color; with a vinous, light and pleasant aroma and with a dry and harmonious flavor.

Locally sourced products

Can you smell the forgotten fruit? Carnelians, Bleggio walnuts, Cotogne apples, Currant. Our elders know them well. Not too long ago, they were precious fruits, which grew spontaneously in the fields, giving abundant crops.

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Then, times changed. New lifestyles and eating habits became more popular.Farmers opted for more productive crops and sadly these fruits all but dissappeared, taking with them ancestral memories, customs, values ​​and traditions.

The fruits were lost, but not forever. Now they have returned. Rediscovered and improved by young farmers, you are gladly invited to go along country roads, to knock on the door of their small businesses and talk to them: they have great stories to tell! Stories of life, family, dreams come true, and even more.

A passion for the land that dates back for generations.

They are young people who have chosen to pursue agriculture, often after a university level education. They are dedicated to caring for the earth, following in the footsteps of their parents.

They act with a new conscience, respectful of nature and its biodiversity. They work for a different, sustainable, and quality agriculture. “Less, but better”, as they are used to say. Because the land is a common good and it must be respected.


Outdoor activities

Sclemo is in a position and at an altitude such that people can play sports all year round and at any skill level. Whether you are a lover of trekking or quiet walks in nature, if you are looking for long and exciting ski slopes or want to approach this sport for the first time, you will surely find the sport that will make you feel good. You will be surprised to find out how many activities, trips and opportunities you can try in this corner of Trentino. Many sports activities start from the town itself thanks to the fantastic forest that surrounds it, many others are less than 30 minutes away by car.


Come skiing in the Dolomites enveloped in such an exciting panorama: you can embark on a liberating descent, relax in the tranquility of the chairlift or cable car, enjoy the stops at the ski huts to refresh yourself and taste the delicious typical dishes of the area, with the benefit of a unique view over the entire Trentino.

Sclemo is less than 30 minutes away from the Paganella area which, located at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites, boasts 50 kilometers of very wide slopes, 1,100 meters of altitude and a programmed snow-making system that covers 100% of the tracks. Andalo and the Paganella plateau are part of a naturalistic oasis, located between the Adige valley and the Adamello – Brenta park.

For beginners we also recommend Bolbeno, 20 minutes away by car, a paradise for children and those who want to take their first steps on skis.

Cross country ski

Cross-country skiing allows you to experience skiing and the territory from a new point of view with the right balance between fun and training. Come and immerge yourself in nature at the bottom of the magnificent Brenta Dolomites.

Cross Country skiing offers tracks for every level of experience, laid out daily for classic and skating techniques. In wintertime, Lake Andalo becomes the perfect place for cross-country skiing.

Hikes and snowshoeing

You can discover an extraordinary natural world that can only be approached by walking on the snow. Prepare to experience the charm of winter inside the forest, embrace nature, feel part of it and appreciate its silence. Discover the pristine locations of the Adamello Brenta Natural Park, take leisurely walks and enjoy your holiday outdoors.

At some times of the year it is possible to hike in the snowy forests directly from Sclemo. In less than 15 minutes by car you can reach Lake Molveno which offers snowshoe excursions, both with mountain guides and independently on existing routes. Molveno is surrounded by a dense network of trails, suitable for snowshoeing in winter. The trails of the Pradel plateau are especially suitable for family snowshoeing: the elevation gain on hikes is limited, the mountain huts are easily accessible and the view of the whitewashed Brenta Dolomites is incomparable.


If you like trying new thrills and especially face-to-face contact with the rocks, you should definitely try monutain climbing.

An unique emotion, a mixture of concentration and lightness, mountain climbing is within anyones reach. In the proximity of Sclemo there are many natural cliffs where you can learn to climb. Alpine guides will teach you this incredible sport in complete safety. If you are already a climber, there are plenty cliffs with great unevenness. The satisfaction of closing the route in sight will be immense, believe us!

Biking and mountain bike

Whether you are a fan or if you want to get closer to this sport, in Sclemo you will find the right experience for you. You could ride independently, pedaling on the legendary tracks of the great stage bike races in Trentino or follow our local guides on mountain routes for all levels. We are waiting for you!

Directly from Sclemo it is possible to experience beautiful bike routes, made mythical by the unforgettable feats of the great pros who became cycling legends on these paths or simply letting the extraordinary mountain landscapes guide you.

Swimming, canoeing, pedal boats

Would you ever imagine finding “a sea in the mountains” at 850 meters above sea level during your holidays in Trentino? Come and immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the many lakes less than a 15-minute drive from Sclemo.

Sclemo is located at less than 15 minutes from Lake Molveno where, in addition to swimming, it is possible to take a boat or pedal boat, practice canoeing or embark on a simple and regenerating walk.

A short distance from Sclemo you can also swim in Lagolo Lake, less known but equally well equipped.


Driven by the Ora (5 to 12 m / s) or the Peler (up to 15 m / s), windsurfing in Upper Garda is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Riva del Garda, but especially Torbole sul Garda are among the most famous places to “relax” also thanks to the quality of the services offered that allow you to have fun in complete safety.

Sclemo is located about 45 minutes by car from Riva del Garda and this allows you to fully enjoy days of pure fun.

Two-seater paraglider

Fly like an eagle in the Dolomites thanks to the assistance of one of the many qualified instructors in the area. Using the updrafts you can freely fly over the fantastic town of Seo and the Stenico Castle.

If you jump from a location at less than 20 minutes by car, you can land directly in the town of Sclemo.

Walks (from hiking to trekking)

To clear your mind and lighten your spirit, you can try walking the trecks in the surrounding area. Many marked trails leave directly from Sclemo and from other small nearby towns and reach mountain huts. Here, the traditional food and the location make the destination a beautiful experience.

Many hikes can take you up to 2000 meters above sea level and more, but easier, gentler routes also stop at lower elevation and showcase views that are just as wonderful.

Relax in nature

Nature is our best friend! For this reason, in Sclemo and in the neighboring towns so many experiences are offered in a natural environment to make you rediscover the maximum relaxation that comes from direct contact with nature.

Natural wellness

Here at Sclemo you can try the latest trend in natural wellness. Forest baths, which originated in Japan, have become a common practice for a healthy lifestyle. Take a forest bath to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the forest and reach a deeper intimacy and connection with nature.

Let birdsongs and the sounds of nature guide you along paths that lead to the heart of forests, where you will experience the rich biodiversity typical of Trentino. Breathe in the scent of the untouched earth and gaze at the unique trees of this area. This deep sensory experience in the forest atmosphere will create an intimate bond with nature which benefits your well-being, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system and promotes relaxation. These gentle trails are located in Sclemo or a few minutes away by car, in the Val Algone Natural Park, on Monte Casale, up towards Cima Sera, or in Val Lomasona.

Walking with donkeys

Donkey walking is therapy for the soul. Walk at a leisurely pace among villages and castles in the Comano Valley, enjoying a relaxing experience that is good for the mind as well as for the body.

A 30-minute walk through the forests that surround the small town of Ballino, between the archaeological site of Fiavé and Lake Tenno, the donkey trekking routes make their way guided by the Association “Le vie degli Asini”.

Walk barefoot

Have you ever walked barefoot through a meadow? It is the most original thing you can do to rediscover your inner-self.

In Sclemo you can do it in one of our gardens, while if you are looking for a deeper experience, in Terme di Comano you will find 11 sensory stations with different terrains that stimulate walking through contact with the sole of your foot. You will receive a multifaceted treatment which contributes to your physical and emotional regeneration with each step you take.