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Expanded hotel

The expanded hotel is an innovative concept of accommodation in which several houses located in a village are combined to provide various hotel services with a unitary management. At HARA LIFE, tourism unites and participates in the lives of the people of the territory by diffusing energy and desires.

We aim to give Sclemo’s rural buildings a new purpose by making them a tourist accommodation destination for our guests to live the HARA LIFE experience. We renovated and remodeled these typical locations, respecting the characteristic features of these buildings, to convey their traditional beauty and fully meet modern needs.

The buildings, transformed into 29 second residences ranging from one-bedroom apartments to four-bedroom apartments, become part of the larger hotel. Each individual owner joins the project to achieve the ultimate goal of having a completely renovated village with many prestigious individual and independent housing units. These can be enjoyed by the owner and rented out for income in the context of the expanded HARA Life hotel.